Yesterday I found out about this little angel, Talia. She’s like any other normal 13 year old girl. She goes to school, hangs out with friends, loves to eat icecream and goes to starbucks. After looking at some of her youtube videos and her instagram, I was in tears. She is such a beautiful, caring little angel. She could be having the worst day in the hospital and she manages to make it fun, silly and even bothers to ask her followers how THEY are. From all her pictures she seems like such a happy little girl and goes around acting like nothing is wrong. It takes a lot of strength and courage to do that. Talia even met Ellen DeGeneres where Ellen pronounced her honorary Covergirl because she LOVES to do makeup and shes excelent at it. Lately Talia has been very, very sick. She’s in a lot of pain, has stomach aches, and has a lot of anxiety and a fever. She even signed DNR papers. She hasnt ate in 6 days now and rarely ever gets out of bed. Please pray for this little angel, it would be such a shame to see her go. She has touched me in so many ways. I remember last night I was refreshing the “popular page” on Instagram and all the posts going up were “#prayfortalia”. Their is so many people that care about her and she is an inspiration to many. Her famous motto is “Just keep swimming!” Lets all pray that this little angel fights her awful battle.

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